Today together we create the NEW HISTORY which is going to lay into the fundamental basis of the future.


OM RO Architecture renders the full complex of consulting services in interaction between Russian client and International partner. We chose the necessary team according to your desires and lead the whole project from beginning to end, provide any meetings in any language, act under the International and Russian legislation. We make process easier, faster and more effective.


We organize learning trainings with any of our partners. If you have a desire to study or invite any of our partners, send an e-mail to or just give us a call. We are always glad to help you!


We take control, technical guidence and cost optimization over any architectural, building, production projects all over Russia. In fact you get time and money economy, high-quality result of fulfillment and cooperation with the best professionals.

Unfortunately there was missed the important element of development in Russia, such as education, still we give some credits to British Higher School of Art & Design, Strelka Institute, MGSU, but they are in minority as those Russian companies which try to keep up with the international quality standards. There are Russian companies and simply private persons among our partners, who are always ready for difficult cases.


To love what we do is the core of our company.